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My Story

Jambo And HEllo

My name is Sabrina Wanjiku Simader. As the first African downhill skier who is
competing at the World Cup, it is my relentless ambition to be amongst the best
in the world. My Kenyan roots and my new homeland in the snowy Austrian Alps, represent a unique combination in international winter sport.

At the age of three, I emigrated to Austria with my mother to live in the village of St. Johann am Wimberg in Upper Austria. In my first winter in Austria I was taught to ski by my stepfather on a hill called Hansberg. Even as a little girl I was fascinated by the white, sparkling texture of snow and the wonderful feeling of freedom when shooting down the slopes.

In my first junior competition in which I participated, all the other girls in my age category were faster than me. This only fed my ambition to improve and to win competitions. I took to heart my dad’s inspirational assurances that “Winning is not as important as the passion and the joy of competing”. With this in mind it did not take long before I won my first club championship encouraging me to dream bigger and aim higher. In the winter of 2012 I achieved my first big success by becoming triple Styrian Champion.


My dad took great pride in my success and dedicated his time and efforts to train and support me in all my racing events. He spent many hours preparing my skis to ensure their optimal condition and to maximise their efficiency for every race. In June 2012 I lost my greatest fan and supporter with his untimely passing, making life very difficult for my mother and me.

I managed to find a new skiing coach in the form of Christian Reif, who was a long standing friend of the family and formerly Austrian Ski Team Trainer. I am very glad to cooperate with someone who I can trust. Christian is not only  trainer, he is also technician as well as team organiser of our Kenyan National Ski Team.

Since January 2016 I have further benefitted by the support of the company Globallife (Medical Brain & Body Management Coaching). I am still on my way and my performances are getting better and better. But the most important thing is: I‘m having fun again and everyday I get closer to fulfil my dream of reaching the top of my profession.



My Achievements

Big Events

Alpine Ski
World Cups

Best Inter-national
FIS Races

· Youth Olympics 2016 in Norway
· Alpine Ski World Championships 2017 in Switzerland
· Youth World Championships in Switzerland
· Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea
· Youth World Championships 2019 in Italy

· Slovenia/Maribor Giant Slalom 2017
· Switzerland/ St. Moritz Super-G + Combine 2017
· Italy/ Val Gardena Super-G + Downhill 2019

· Runner-up World Champion at the
   Arnold Lunn World Cup 2018
· Slovenian championship 3rd place Alpine combined 2018
· 2 times 1st Place Slovenia in Super-G 2019
· 1st Place by the international African World
  Championships in 2019


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My Goals

· To participate in as many World Cup competitions in Speed Races as I can
· To improve my FIS point standing continuously
· To continue to develop and improve myself in all disciplines
· To participate in the Alpine Ski World Championships 2021 in Italy/Cortina
· To participate in the Winter Olympic Games 2022 in China/Beijing



My Personality


2017 1st Sports African Women in Europe

2018 1st Sports Black Austrian Awards

2019  Forbes Africa - 30 under 30


I want to prove that
everything is possible
when you believe
in yourself!


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